October 5, 2021

Emergency Flooding Work

We deliver a range of specialised services that encompass and deal with every stage of a flood ranging from flood prevention through to flood clean up. We can deploy at short notice to cope with a variety of emergency flood water, whether it's a flooded basement, house, road or business.

Our emergency flood response services include:

  • Round the clock flood defences 24x7
  • Disposal of floodwater
  • Removal of flood water
  • Undertake the pumping and tankering of floodwater
  • 24/7 emergency flood response
  • Professional flood control and clean up

We are committed to provide a full clean-up service of a site which has been damaged by flooding, fire or pollution including restoring contaminated waters to their original state. We have the most comprehensive range of equipment and personnel to minimise impact and disruption. With our state of the art machinery, we can completely restore both the site of contamination and its surrounding areas. We aim to provide a bespoke solution and service, meeting the needs and requirements of each individual project. It is our first duty to control the flood in order to prevent further damage. Critical facilities, such as gas and electricity are essential to communities, homes, offices and shops and protecting them from flood damage is an extremely high priority for us.

When attending a flood, we are committed to act as rapidly and effectively as possible, ensuring that houses, businesses, commercial and industrial sites are able to get back to normal. Our vehicles have the power, capacity and ability to handle any sized flood.